Blanket stitch.

Blanket stitch can be used for finishing raw edges of the fabric, for joining pieces or as decoration. It is very popular to use for hand appliqué and in needlework. It has many varieties that can be adopted to all sorts of projects. As with every hand stitch you will do well to have a trial at a scrap piece of fabric. It will allow you to make sure that it is a right stitch for your project.  As a general rule the thicker the textile you are working with the thicker your thread should be. Evenness of the stitch is very important. It might be tedious at first, but when done properly it is a pleasure to see. Here is the collection of 12 variations on a blanket stitch I had an occasion to come across.

  1. Basic Basic blanket Stitch
  2. Whipped Whipped blanket stitch
  3. Long and short Long and short blanket stitch Continue reading Blanket stitch.

Bargello Charts

Some of my designs for embroidery Florentine style. I like to make Bargello charts myself. It takes a bit of time but I can experiment with layouts and colour combinations on the screen. It is  easy to compare the pictures visually, side by side and choose the one that is closest to the idea in my head.

The needlework itself is not a complicated thing once you established the design outlines. Do your counting diligently in the beginning and  it is all downhill after that. Time consuming, yes, but you don't need constantly making sure and check the chart like with a cross stitch. Feel free to use them and share your progress with me.

My current project.

Bargello project in progress

Half-finished bargello hangingThings that seemed perfect on the planning stage, look terrible mid-project sometime.  Patterns that worked harmonious  on paper clash on canvas. Colours that seemed so right, suddenly become rivals.  Here I am half way through  the first piece of three Bargello hangings, and I don’t like it a bit. I know that it might magically change when finished, but right now it seems that it is good for the cushion cover only. Feels like some self discipline will have to be applied if I am to finish my green bargello project.