PDF dress pattern

Two-piece dress with frilly top and full skirt.

Dress with a full skirt and a sash.

This dress features a full skirt wide sash to tie in a bow, zipper closing at the back.

Drafting puffed sleeves

There are three main types of puffed sleeves that are very simple to draft from the basic sleeve pattern.

Sewing circle skirt. Tips and tricks.

Sewing circle skirt is not a time consuming project, this makes it a popular choice for home sewers.

Printable pattern to download

Casual summer dress pattern with step-by-step sewing instructions.

Circle skirt basics

A circle skirt is pretty easy to make. It requires few pieces and basic techniques, making it a good exercise for beginners.

Casual T-shirt dress

Easy casual dress pattern with step-by step sewing instructions.

How to make a perfectly smooth curved seams.

To make curved seams lie flat when stitched it needs to be treated in a special way...

Tear drop neckline sewing tutorial

The keyhole neckline opening can be used as an embellishment of the garment or as a utility feature to widen the neckline or the hem of a sleeve for added functionality.

Tunic dress trimmed with bows.

A-Line tunic trimmed with contrasting bands and bows.This is a very simple dress to make.

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