Bias binding uses. How to use a bias binding in dressmaking.

A great variety of effects can be achieved using a bias-cut tape. Its pliability lends itself well to all sorts of sewing projects. It can be a part of the dress structure, embellishment, or wholly practical element of the garment.  Bias binding has many uses thanks to its unique qualities.

Examples of applying a bias binding:
  • Hemming

    There are many ways to finish a raw edge of your skirt or dress. Hemming the dress with contrasting colour bias tape adds a visual interest to the overall design. It can be done in straight or wavy line. You can also successfully use  it to finish a curved hem of a circle skirt,flap of a pocket or petal sleeve.

    hemming with bias binding

How to make a bias binding.

Bias binding is a widely utilized in all sorts of sewing projects. Its uses are far wider then just a hem finish. It can have decorative as well as functional purpose in a garment. Though the craft shops have a wide variety of ready-made bias tapes, they often are the wrong shade for the project, or not stocked in a particular width. Hence is a necessity to make your own. Luckily it is not hard to produce at home and gives your more control over the design. It is a useful technique to know either you a dressmaker or a quilter.

Bias binding making sequence:


  • Iron the piece of fabric you are going to make the bias tape with.
  • Spread it flat in one layer. Do not allow it to hang over the working surface to avoid  stretching.
  • Mark the strips of a desired width.
  • Cut. Quilters can put a rotary cutter and a cutting mat to use to speed up the process.How to cut bias binding
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T-Shirt Dress. Sewing Instructions.

Casual T-Shirt Dress with Pockets printable pattern and sewing instructionsLight knitted fabrics are very comfortable to wear, but sewing them differs greatly from the woven ones. Distinct way of stretching and fraying means they have to be treated differently. All the way from designing through to cutting and assembling your garment there are particularities quite clear:

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Daisy Chain Dress. Storyboard.

Pink azaleas in spring are the inspiration for this dress.  It is impossible to put ideas pin boards, fabric swatches and multitude of sketches into any kind of order. Making a storyboard is a useful technique. It allows me to “sift through” all the components to present the proposed design and possible colour variations.

Daisy Chain Dress STORYBOARD











Patterns are ready by now, and I am rather impatient to see the ready sample.

Update: The dress has arrived. The embodied version of sketchy impression.