Dress with a frilly top. Step-by-step sewing instructions.

This is a very pretty dress whether you choose a plain fabric, a printed one, or to combine them both.

Dress with a frilly top printable pattern. Sizes  6 to 12.

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Seaside Dress Inspiration Board

I love this concept! It's got a mood of sea side holidays -  sunrise palette, stripes, drop waistline, full circle skirt and  even the version of  sailor collar! It's like old sailor dress has been given major overhaul.  My job is done! I hope fabrics and construction will do justice to my new Seaside Dress.

Seaside inspiration for the new dress












Sailor collar variations

Drop waistline

Full circle skirt



Daisy Chain Dress Just Arrived

Delightful daisy chain dress, just arrived. It is always exiting to see something take shape, especially when all the steps of the creation passed in front of you. Story board of this dress I published earlier. The artist's vision is pretty close to the real thing. daisy chain dressFlower-garden-pink-and-fuchsia-back









Three sizes available. Introductory price is $28.00.

Daisy Chain Dress. Storyboard.

Pink azaleas in spring are the inspiration for this dress.  It is impossible to put ideas pin boards, fabric swatches and multitude of sketches into any kind of order. Making a storyboard is a useful technique. It allows me to “sift through” all the components to present the proposed design and possible colour variations.

Daisy Chain Dress STORYBOARD











Patterns are ready by now, and I am rather impatient to see the ready sample.

Update: The dress has arrived. The embodied version of sketchy impression.