Classic full skirt dress with a sash

Full skirt dress is a firm favourite with little girls for a good reason. It can be as dressy or as casual as you wish. With mums it is popular because it is not a big headache to make and can be adopted for any occasions. Made with silk and satin it is fit for a big celebration. Make it in floral print and your girl will look pretty all summer.

PDFpatterns for girls full skirt dress with a sash.
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Tunic dress with bows

Sewing tunic
Download PDF Pattern

This cute tunic dress is very simple to make. Absence of a complex details or zippers makes it suitable for novice seamstresses.


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Dress with a frilly top. Step-by-step sewing instructions.

This is a very pretty dress whether you choose a plain fabric, a printed one, or to combine them both.

Dress with a frilly top printable pattern. Sizes  6 to 12.

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T-Shirt Dress. Sewing Instructions.

Casual T-Shirt Dress with Pockets printable pattern and sewing instructionsLight knitted fabrics are very comfortable to wear, but sewing them differs greatly from the woven ones. Distinct way of stretching and fraying means they have to be treated differently. All the way from designing through to cutting and assembling your garment there are particularities quite clear:

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Jersey Dress Sewing Instructions.

T-Shirt jersey dress with round pocketThis dress is designed for lightweight knitted fabric like cotton jersey or interlock. Working with knitted fabrics you have to be aware of the way they differ from the woven ones:

Daisy Chain Dress. Storyboard.

Pink azaleas in spring are the inspiration for this dress.  It is impossible to put ideas pin boards, fabric swatches and multitude of sketches into any kind of order. Making a storyboard is a useful technique. It allows me to “sift through” all the components to present the proposed design and possible colour variations.

Daisy Chain Dress STORYBOARD











Patterns are ready by now, and I am rather impatient to see the ready sample.

Update: The dress has arrived. The embodied version of sketchy impression.